cliente-y-servicio. Customer service in the hotel and restaurant industries.

Do your customers find your service unclear?

cliente-y-servicio. Personalized training in customer service

How many more customers will you let yourself lose?

cliente-y-servicio. Incentives in the service sector

Do you know what side your customers are on? Do you believe everything they tell you?

cliente-y-servicio. Customer service in the hotel and restaurant industries

Is your service at the same level as your product?


"After we used Cliente Incógnito® our customer service, support and up-selling have continued to improve. The advantages of working with Clientes Incógnito® are professionalism, thorough and personalized tracking of each audit, and the flexibility to do the audits tailored to the Customer."
"Outlining an offer and agreement with the customer can be nothing more than a first step. The challenge, then, is putting it into practice and considering that, mystery client's tool is the most accurate and objective. When Cliente Incógnito®'s tools are set up for some time, the team realizes how the customer actually sees them. They pay more attention to the customer than to their boring boss."
"I knew what Cliente Incógnito® was, but when I saw the quality of the audit and the quality of the work improving from Clientes Incógnito®, it completely attracted me to acquire their services."
"With Cliente Incógnito® you begin a dynamic, continuous improvement for your business. Every time the audit comes in we get to work so that the faults that have appeared don't return, making sure that every time your establishment continues to improve. This makes the customer take notice, and doesn't mean that they will immediately come, but..."
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Mystery shopper


Want to increase your sales and income?

Want your staff to be obsessed with giving excellent service to all of your customers?

Want to know what really happens at your business?

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cliente-y-servicio training in customer service, sales and business networking

Want to change your staff's old habits?

Do it with our training! It's fun, practical and transferable immediate to the job. They are more than 1300 professionals -managers, middle management, frontline staff- who have gotten the most out of our training in the following areas. Read more



Want us to help with your clients' experiences?

1. Coaching for managers in customer service policies.
2. Customer aisle layout.
3. Development of manuals and customer service scripts.
4. Design and implementation of the variable compensation program. Read more


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