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With your current service, how many customers are you losing?

Open Courses
cliente y servicio subsidized and free courses in customer service

The open courses are an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. They are also totally accredited following the criteria of the fundación tripartita.

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cliente y servicio university conferences, sectorial conferences, customer service master

We participate as guest lecturers with different degrees from prestigious institutions such as Carlos III University, or IED, the Instituto Europeo di Design. We have also been invited as speakers at different conferences of quality organizations through the AEC (Spanish Association for Quality) and in sectoral meetings of the hotel industry.

cliente y servicio collaborations, press articles on customer service

We have published articles in magazines specialized in hotel industry such as Gestión en H, Restauración News and the magazine of the association, La Viña (Asociación de Hostelería de Madrid). We have also been referenced in magazines such as Emprendedores and Savia of the Amadeus group.


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