Oter Group
David Oter, Managing Director

After we used Cliente Incógnito®, our value of service has gradually increased. Our employees don't see the reports as mere espionage, but as a tool that helps them improve day by day, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each person.
The improvements have continued to improve in relation to customer service, attention to the customer and suggestive selling. I recommend this to those in the hotel and restaurant industry, because it is a valuable tool for seeing your business in an objective way and improving parameters in relation to customer service, commercialization, and even in improving teams and infrastructures. The advantages of working with Cliente Incógnito® are professionality, close and personalized monitoring of each audit, and the flexibility to do audits as the Customer. For Oter Group, Cliente Incógnito® is an important management tool, that gives us an outside view from the perspective of the average customer. We started using it because we needed to improve the customer satisfaction created by professional businesses that focuses on all the details, in this way we can have a more global vision for our establishments. ”.
Mesón de Fuencarral
Ramón Dios, Manager of Mesón de Fuencarral and President of Jóvenes Restauradores de Europa.
When the Cliente Incógnito® tools are installed for a time, the team realizes how the customer sees them. They give more attention to them than the heavy head boss, who becomes an external opinion. In our case we have formed our teams in result of the audits. The best part is definitely that you can reap the benefits in the long term.”.
Grupo Vázquez
Fco Javier Vázquez, Owner
With the implantation of Cliente Incógnito® you enter in a dynamic of constant improvement for your business. Each time the audit comes we put ourselves to work so that the faults that have appeared don't continue to exist and this makes your establishment better and better each time. This makes the customers take notice and doesn't mean they'll come immediately, but if you continue to improve, little by little, your clientele will grow.

My Relation with the business has been fabulous, I know audits from other consultants that are reduced to simply a check list and they tell you if you've completed it or not. In this case the audits are detailed reports of what has happened in our establishment while the auditors were there. In addition I often speak with Clientes Incógnito® about the focus of the next audits, this makes it a very personalized service adapted to my needs.

I started to use it when I took a course about coaching in the hotel and restaurant industries. In this course, they considered Cliente Incognito® to be a very useful tool for restaurant industry business administration, and quickly realized that it is so.

I noticed the results after the first audit. It detected many errors, that I knew we had, but that we hadn't given enough importance to and that were very important for the customer. Immediately after communicating the results to my staff, we made a great effort to fix our faults. After that day my establishment began to give a much better service than before.

My staff, like myself, also was conscious of their errors and knew how to fix them, what happens is that they don't change because they feel comfortable with their old habits.

The result of the second audit is radically different, we have realized that we were doing things badly, and we want to improve.

Obviously in the first audit they won't detect all the failures in your business, it's only one frame of one moment. With the passing of the audits, you'll add more frames and start making the movie of your establishment. In each audit flaws will come out, some chronic and others only sporadic. What we do is meet each time the auditor comes and see how we can fix them or at least minimize them, with the commitment of both me and the staff, we make sure it doesn't happen again, and if it does we will quickly catch it.

In my business the staff gets an award when we achieve a certain score, this helps us take it more seriously and be more involved.

It's a very useful tool for hotel and restaurant business owners who are always so deep in their work that they don't have any other vision of their own business. For the business man who manages the company but doesn't work within it, it gives a vision that you can't have by just passing once in a while to see how things are going.

El Retablo
Marta González, Owner
I knew what the model of Cliente Incógnito® consisted of, but when I saw the quality of the audit and the quality of work developed by Clientes Incógnito®, it fully attracted me to contract their services.

The most important progress that we are implementing and putting to work is something very basic.

This progress is working to carry out the theory. That the staff COMPLIES WITH and EXECUTES all the standards, instructions and the policies of the business, exactly how the management indicates.

One of the important tools to achieve this progress has been the audits.

Clientes Incógnito® opens many doors of internal communication, between the team, which can be seen reflected in the communication with the customer, giving it an added value, that makes a substantial difference in the quality of service.

The relationship with Clientes Incógnito® is very cordial and professional. The attention is immediate, giving us quick answers.



Río Bidasoa Hotels
Mónica Sunsundegui, Manager
We were among the first hotels in Spain to be certified in the ISO 9001/2000 in 2000 and we really thought that we did great... and yes, we did great but we are doing much better since someone gave us a tug on our ears or just compliments. What you find with Cliente Incógnito are critiques carried out by people with common sense and training. If I do well they tell me and if not, they still tell me. Only fulfilling this will make for a better team.”.

“If someone imposes that you have to pass an annual test to see how you're doing things in your company you wouldn't feel too good at first. Besides, if you have to pay for that service, it feels even worse.

That is how I felt at first

More and more each day, our own customers write critiques of our establishments but what do we know of them, are they well-informed? Do they leave their homes often or only once a year? Do they have a definite criterion? It could be important that the bathtub has a whirlpool but more important that the orange juice is natural. Common sense”.

Ámister Hotel
Pablo Bermúdez Irisarri, Director
Total and absolute independence is the secret weapon of Cliente Incógnito, with that they always set the same standards for the owner or manager with extreme loyalty and they serve to make the most appropriate decisions for the best service and attention. In my experience I think that it is one of the most important and complementary contributions in the Spanish hotel and restaurant industries.
While it seemed absurd and after years of experience in this type of inspection, they add up the evaluations of your most recently hired employees. With these touch-ups, the efficiency of the departments with the most turnover can improve (by not being worse, but simply having less demands and being more relaxed), that restaurant service in general always goes behind reception and apartments, etc”.
Jale Hotels
Alfred Fischbach, CEO
Cliente Incógnito® is a very positive experience and surely more necessary every day. To know how to correctly take care of and fulfill the expectations of the customers is the biggest benefit that you can and should achieve.”.
Best Western Alfonso XIII Hotel / Carlos III Hotel
Juan Carlos García, Director
Your reports are of very useful as an indicator of areas of improvement in customer service, and we use them in managing this area of my business. We work on the identified observations individually and in groups, and even have prepare informational ad-hoc courses based in the experiences of the report. ”.


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