The objective of our training is to be fun, practical and immediately transferable to the workplace.

clienteyservicio, active and practical training in customer service and service quality
100% Practical
Through stagings, little skits (role playing), in which we simulate daily situations.
We make all the participants reflect about the different points of view that there are in customer service.
The employees act out all the moments of service from the point of view of the customer and not from behind a barrier.
100% useful
THe use of the audits of Cliente Incógnito® are key. We sell real experience, not canned courses.
Among other aspects, we show the importance of the smile, of the look and of personalized service.
More than professionals trained -managers, middle management, frontline staff-.
Types of Courses
Sales Techniques.
Psychology and Customer Loyalty.
Customer service in restaurants and hotels.
Management of High Performance Teams.
Verbal and non-verbal communication.
Attention to complaints and claims.
Excellence in service


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