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Clientes Incógnito® is a consulting firm specialized in quality of service. We come with great experience- over 18 years and over 300 businesses-. Since 1995 we have helped improve the accounts of our customers with the improvement of sales in their businesses. We give 100% personalized counseling and live each of the projects in an intense and passionate way.


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Excellent customer experience is an essential element in order to be a successful company. The audits, training and 100% personalized advising are tools to achieve real and tangible improvements in customer service.


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We focus on increasing the sales of your business.

1. We eliminate customer loss.

2. We get the most satisfied customers.

3. We increase sales and loyalty of your current customers.

4. We change the old work habits of your staff


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The auditors are normal customers that have been thoroughly trained in our methods -proven over 18 years- to objectively, reliably and independently express the reality of your business in their reports.

We create individual reports about each employee (strengths and weaknesses).
Reports of 3 to 20 employees per audit.
We count on our own method thoroughly proven since 1995.
The auditors measure what is actually important (failures in billing, and in behaviors and procedures, etc).
Proactive auditors -take advantage of every situation to test your service-.
Our objective is not only to make audits, but also to improve the quality of customer service and get your staff to acquire new habits of service.
We give personalized treatment, we bring tangible improvements for your customers and help you with a plan of action.
Our best presentation is the experience of our customers.Testimonials


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