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Our work is not limited to giving you information of how your customers see you, We help you achieve your business goals therefore our consulting division provides you help in...

Coaching for Managers
cliente y servicio, counseling and coaching directed toward customer service

Counseling and design of customer service policies in your company. Definition of the vision. Identification of customer pathway and the moment of truth.

Tools of Quality
Cliente y servicio, quality tools, standards of customer service

Making of handbooks of customer service and greeting. Standards of customer service. Preparation and approval of investigations of customer service. Loyalty club.

Human Resources Procedures
Cliente y servicio, internal human resource procedures, variable salary, incentive plan

Revision and adaptation of the internal procedures toward your current customers. Design and implementation of a variable salary based on customer service. Plan of key skills.

Strong Points
We create individual reports of each employee (strengths and weaknesses)
Reports of 3 to 20 employees per audit.
We rely on our own method thoroughly proven since 1995.
The auditors measure what is really important (failures in billing, as well as in behaviors and procedures, etc).
Proactive auditors -take advantage of every possible situation to test the service-.
Our objective is not only to make audits, but also to improve the quality of customer service and get your staff to acquire new service habits.
We give a personalized treatment, we provide tangible improvements for your customers and help you in your plans of action.
Our best presentation is the experience of our customers.Testimonials


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