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Our Clientes Incógnito® adapts 100% to your company's needs. What we really offer is our service a la carte, where we put our professionals at your disposal.

1. Enhanced Check-list

Cliente-incognito-mysterious-anonymous-ghsot-check list, survey of quality A complete checklist, where the auditor assesses the fulfillment or lack thereof of different criteria in customer service.

Our check-list differs from the rest in that

It is 100% customized.
The auditor is trained with our methods.
It is not limited to only one contact.

2. General Process Audit

Cliente-incognito-evaluation of procedures and customer service On top of what is included in the audit check-list, general comments are made about different business areas.

Audit of Motivation / Action

Cliente-incognito-staff motivation and customer service The auditor observes the behavior of the staff with the customers in person. Once the service is over, the staff meets up for 2.5 hours and reflects about what they can improve on. This serves to improve team work, communication and focus on the customer.

3. Individual Audit

The auditors give detailed information on all that took place at the business. Away from the staff, they put out individual reports - with quotes - of each employee whom they have come in contact with or have seen helping other customers. Each audited employee is assessed en areas of

What does an individual audit include?
From 3 up to 20 employees audited
Cliente-incognito-customer opinion and employee performance
Conduct with other customers
Direct quotes
Treatment Basic
Treatment Exceptional
cliente-y-servicio-treatment-commercial, exceptional, service, excellent.
Treatment Commercial
Proactive auditor
cliente-y-servicio-graphic-individual and improves staff performance
Individual graphs
Index of Satisfaction to the Customer
cliente-y-servicio-detection of billing errors, theft and loss prevention
Confirmation Billing


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