What is it? 

It is an objective, reliable and independent audit of your business through the eyes of your customers.

During the audit, the auditors look neutrally on all that goes on with them and the other customers (how your staff treats customers, how they respond to your questions, if they charge the correct amount,...).

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Used to...       Measure
Know how our customers actually view the company.
Control the uniformity of service and the image of the company.
Verify that the instructions of the management are carried out.
Detect and prevent billing errors.
Tell each employee their what strong points are, as well as the areas which they should improve.
Designing customized courses for staff.
That the whole staff is reflected in the eyes of the customer.
Review and adapt to the customer internal procedures.
Set a variable salary depending on the quality of service of the staff.
Encourage the staff to use a customer oriented approach.
Eliminate 'ill-concealed disdain' of staff toward the customers.
Have regular and up to date information about the staff's perfomance.

Who uses it in the world?

el-cliente-incognito-mystery-secret-shopper-world el-cliente-incognito-mystery-secret-shopper in the hotel and restaurant industries and in the world el-cliente-incognito-mystery-secret-shopper excellence and extravagance in the world el-cliente-incognito-indiscreto-mystery-shopper in clothing stores. el-cliente-incognito-indiscreto-mystery-shopper in the franchise sector
Hotels and Resorts.
Food service.
Banking and finance.
Museums, art galleries, gift shops.
Supermarkets, Large Stores.
Hospitals, residences.
Service stations and auto-mechanics.
Casinos, cruises.
Wineries, entrepreneurs and many more.


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