We put our 18 years of experience at your service.

Our audits are the best letter of recommendation.

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We measure what needs to be measured
We send out individual reports of each employee (indicating their strengths and weaknesses).
We rely on a method that is our own and has been widely proven through these 18 years.
Our expertise brings light to failures in billing, and in behaviours and procedures.
Our surveys are reliable. The audited areas and the utilized items have been validated = statistical validity and reliability
Professional and Trained Auditors
One of our individual audits represents the opinion of over 200 real customers.
Our auditors have previously been trained and certified = Rater Reliability and Validity.
We offer proactive auditors - they take advantage of the smallest situation to test service-.
Our auditors collect all that happens to them and other customers during their stay in the business.
All our auditors sign a confidentiality agreement.
We Make Your Goals Ours
Our objective is not to do audits, it is to improve the quality of customer service and get your staff to acquire new habits of service that help improve sales.
We give you a personalized treatment, we provide tangible results.
The loyalty of our customers is key. For 18 years we have had customers rely on us.
Our expertise is seen through our customers. Read their experiences first-hand here Testimonials


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