We have specialized in the hotel and restaurant industry sectors since 1995. Among our customers are some of the most important hotel chains, as well as individual hotel businesses, luxury restaurants, restaurant chains, and a numerous group of businesses worried about the quality of service that is given in their stores. we count on customers that have been using it for 18 years.

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Do you know what really goes on in your business?

Some of our customers' results


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Thanks to our methods and the procedure of our auditors, in 52% of the audited hotels we have found billing errors with the corresponding loss in profit to the hotel.


cliente incognito/mysterious/indiscreet/mystery/shopper in restaurant audits

In restaurants, after training, sales of appetizer drinks, second drinks, side-dishes and desserts rose an average of 22%.


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The businesses that we audit improve an average of 15 points in the satisfaction of the customer within a year. The audits are part of everyday life for the staff.


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